London Diamond Bourse | Practical Diamond Knowledge Course
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Practical Diamond Knowledge Course

This unique one-day course is designed to improve diamond knowledge, confidence and the development of personnel who are directly involved with sales of natural diamonds direct to the consumer.

The course has been designed to improve techniques by enacting specific, hands-on diamond interactive exercises using polished stock samples, video samples and LDB bespoke industry equipment.

Training alongside a diamond global expert, attendees will improve upon their sales confidence and “diamond to customer” capabilities.

At the end of the course, attendees will be able to; 

  • Be confident, be secure and have competent techniques on handling, viewing and understanding all aspects of polished diamonds.
  • Be able to explain the 4C’s along with polish, symmetry, proportion and fluorescence to customers.
  • Understand and be able to fully explain all aspects of polished diamond reports to customers.
  • Explain correct identification and differentiation of all fancy cut variations.
  • Recognise, advise and adjust to a customer’s diamond buying requirements.
  • Improve customer confidence through enhanced diamond sales conversations.


Practical Diamond Knowledge Course

Course Duration – 1 Day

On the day

10.00am – 4pm 

Location – The London Diamond Bourse – 100 Hatton Garden London EC1N 8NX

Course overview

Defining the anatomy of round and fancy cut diamond variations  

  • Brilliant Cut polished facet names explained.
  • A 4 C’s overview.
  • Fancy cut proportion and ratios.

Practical exercise – ensuring correct terminology is defined by labelling and interactive conversations 

Confidence in secure and correct handling of polished diamonds

  • Polished security procedures. 
  • Packets, tweezers, diamond cloths.
  • Lighting and colour cards. 
  • Diamond stocks

Practical exercise – participation in correct usage of routine diamond equipment. Handling exercises on LDB diamond stocks for model, clarity and colour recognition.  

Polished diamond reports

  • GIA and industry reports and dossiers explained
  • Practical exercise – shared discussion covering the GIA and other industry standard diamond reports

Customer buying requirements and confidence in diamond sales conversations

Sales recreations practical exercise – staff to customer role-play 

Setting the stage prior to showing a customer

Pre preparation practical exercise – ensuring the sales area is correctly arranged in readiness for a customer to view

Correct presentation of diamonds for sale to customers for maximum impact

Practical roleplay exercise – learning the best practice approach for physical diamond comparisons and diamond presentation to customers.

Post sale security checks

  • Safety and security upon concluding a sale.

End of course, objectives overview and 10 post course questions

All equipment will be supplied

Attendees will be presented with a certificate of completion at the end of the course. They will also take away the LDB branded wallet that includes loop, lanyard, scoop, colour card, polishing cloth and tweezers that they will use throughout the day.

Usual course fee – £299.00 – Introductory offer £250.00 (limited spaces available)

Email: or complete the registration form below.


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Craig Sievewright 

After a successful 34 year career with De Beers, Craig is a renowned rough and polished diamond industry specialist with unparalleled experience and excellent reputation.

Achievements within De Beers include:

  • successfully supporting the implementation of the diamond cutting diamond industry into Botswana.
  • The development and support of Government Ministry Diamond Office (GDO) teams in Botswana and Namibia through specialist rough and polished diamond training courses.
  • The creation and implementation of a secure Botswana country wide rough to polished to export diamond tracking and inventory system.
  • Compile and train for delivery all of De Beers global Academies “rough through to polished” diamond training courses

Craig developed his polished sales practice through the management of a bespoke team at a leading jewellers in Hatton Garden.

The course takes place on several Wednesday’s throughout the month. Please complete the form below if you would like to book a place.  A representative will then be in touch to confirm available dates.

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