London Diamond Bourse | Diamond Manufacturing Course
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The UK’s only one day course on
how rough natural diamonds are
transformed into polished.

Course Content
  • Hands on and interactive
  • Rough diamonds explained
  • Diamond cutting & polishing
  • Manufacturing methods
  • Introduction to pricing


Understand and appreciate the complex
manufacturing processes of diamonds from
rough to polished via:

  • A visual overview of rough diamond models and
    marking exercises to understand crystallography.
  • Mathematical exercises of pricing rough according to polished
  • In depth presentation of modern manufacturing techniques and
    the various locations and difference between global
    manufacturing centres
  • Learn the vital importance of rough planning, the process stages
    and wide variety of equipment used in a cutting factory.
  • Hands on experiences with rough and polished diamonds.

Meet your tutor : Craig Sievewright

After a successful 34 year career with De Beers, Craig is a renowned
rough and polished diamond industry specialist with unparalleled
experience and excellent reputation.

Would you or members of your team benefit from participating in this one
day course? If so please complete this form.
All participants will receive a specialised kit, including loupe, tweezers and
cloth, along with a certificate of completion at the end of the course.

*Prices subject to VAT
Preferential rates given to LDB members
and at the discretion of management