London Diamond Bourse | De Beers Diamond Pipeline Course
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De Beers Diamond Pipeline Course


De Beers Diamond Pipeline Course


In conjunction with the Hatton Garden Bid, and as part of their return to the area, De Beers Group Institute of Diamonds are running a free diamond pipeline course for individuals in the Hatton Garden area.

The course will be run over 5 days, 5 times a year over the next 5 years. Course content will go through the stages of the diamond pipeline starting with the mining right through to the marketing.

Students do not need any previous diamond experience to sign up for the course, they must however have a direct connection with Hatton Garden and have a strong interest or experience in the artisan industry.

Selected dates available upon application

The course overview can be found below:

Day 1


Once students have settled into the De Beers head office in Holborn, De Beers will provide an overview of the Diamond Pipeline course you will study across the week. You will also meet experts from De Beers Exploration Team who will deliver an interactive Q&A session on the complexities of how to recover diamonds.


Experts from the Research and Development teams will take students through a series of practical exercises designed to explore the properties of a diamond.

Day 2


The second day of the workshop is entirely dedicated to learning how to sort and sell rough diamonds.  Guided by experts from the De Beers Pricing & Development team, students will work with a pack of rough diamonds and learn the main skills of rough diamond grading using tools and equipment standard in the diamond industry.

This is a fully immersive experience full of practical activities across the day.

Day 3


The third day will focus fully on the grading of polished diamonds.

Students spend the day with senior members of the Institute of diamonds grading team, who will teach students the processes involved when grading Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut.

Students will receive a grading pouch from De Beers, which contains their own loupe, tweezers and scoop for use across this day (and the rest of the week).  This will be the students to keep. The techniques learnt on this day will ensure that students can use each of these tools confidently.

Day 4


The morning session focuses on the journey of a diamond from its original rough form, into the polished diamond that most of us are used to seeing.  Calling on skills learnt during the session on Wednesday, students will work through exercises designed to showcase the decisions required by this profession, in order to make the best possible decision and increase the yield outcome.


Taking your next steps through the diamond pipeline, you will spend the afternoon focusing on the critical topic of ensuring consumer confidence.  Using experts from the De Beers technologies team, you will explore the De Beers strategy in this area, and explore the technological advancements which help protect the industry from the threat of undisclosed lab-grown diamonds.

Day 5


Students begin the day in one of the De Beers Jewellery stores in central London.  Here you will learn from the senior store management and strategy teams.

You will explore the importance of the consumer experience in store, and examine the increase in the alternative purchasing methods such as online sales and the importance of omnichannel marketing strategies.


Back at the DeBeers headquarters, you will meet senior designers from the British Academy of Jewellery who will take students through the last practical exercises of the course.

The afternoon is spent looking at the core principles of jewellery design, and you will use hands-on activities to explore the creativeness required for this discipline.

For more information and to sign up for the course follow the link below: