London Diamond Bourse | About the London Diamond Bourse
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About the London Diamond Bourse

The London Diamond Bourse (a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses) is an exclusive institution, whose history, traditions and facilities make it unique in the UK.

Our members subscribe and are bound by our historic code of conduct which includes integrity, moral obligation, the highest standards of trade and best business practice. The London Diamond Bourse is recognised by the Foreign and Commonwealth office as a Trade Organisation and as such all our members are required to adhere to the Kimberley Process and provide annual certification to validate any trade in rough diamonds.


Being a member of our organisation provides your customers with assurance that they are trading with an individual who has pledged to uphold the traditions, principals of mutual trust and consideration within our industry.


Buying a stone or jewellery from a member of the London Diamond Bourse assures that the goods purchased are from a vetted professional of good standing who is accountable to the industry for their business dealings.


The London Diamond Bourse is the only Diamond Trading floor of its type in the country. Membership to our organisation is earned not automatically granted. As an organisation, our fees are derived from our controlled expenses and our Board members are volunteers from our membership, who do not receive payment or expenses for their work. We employ only the staff necessary to facilitate our business.


Our sole purpose is to provide regulation and support to the UK diamond industry as well as inspire consumer confidence in the trade.

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