London Diamond Bourse | Import of third Country Processed Russian Diamond
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Import of third Country Processed Russian Diamond

Import of third Country Processed Russian Diamond

4th March 2024

Dear Members & industry colleagues,

The UK Government has published their Guidance regarding the Import of third Country Processed Russian Diamonds. Read Here

In order to continue to Import Polished Diamonds to the UK we suggest the following be added on a separate sheet of paper attached to the invoice by the vendor.

  1. Statement regarding Diamonds Under 1.00 Cts.

The Diamonds herein HS Code: 7102 3900 are not subject to the restrictions of Regulation EU 833/2014 & UK 855/2019, The Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019. All Diamonds are under 1.00ct.

  1. Statement regarding Diamonds equal or larger than 1ct.

This shipment contains:

Polished diamonds that are equal or greater than 1.00ct.

On behalf of [COMPANY NAME OR INDIVIDUAL NAME- (Vendor)], I hereby attest that this shipment does not contain any diamonds that originate in Russia or are from any person in Russia, including being mined, processed, or produced in Russia. I confirm that the contents of this attestation are accurate and are compliant with Regulation EU 833/2014 & UK 855/2019, The Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019.

We would recommend that you inform the signatory of the above declaration that they may be called upon to verify the statement made.

As the recipient of the shipment. We would recommend that in respect of either of the statements made above, and to satisfy that reasonable steps have been taken to give a true statement, that you keep a record of these declarations, transportation method and all relevant customs documents, should you, at a later date, be required to produce them.

The above is given as advice only, as the Department of Trade cannot guarantee that this will satisfy HMRC. This is their response to our request -“I’m afraid we are not able to provide guarantees on what will / will not be accepted at the border. I can, however, refer you back to the guidance which states “A supplier attestation of compliance with this sanction may be acceptable”, and to the other types of information and documentation it signposts.”

LDB- Refer you to the link above.




The UK Gov has also given us an option to import diamonds that were outside of the Russian Federation as of 1st March 2024.

(As this would apply to most of the Polished diamonds, at today’s date, that you are importing, we would recommend the use of this license- We surmise that dates on the reports would act as proof of being outside of the Russian Federation)

You do not have to apply for this licence – just use the codes below.

You DO have a legal obligation to:

Notify the Secretary of State for the Department for Business and Trade, providing your name (or organisation name), EORI number and the address at which the register or record may be inspected, no later than 30 days after first acting under the authority of this licence. This only needs to be done once, by e mailing : (Please note you may not use the LDB for that address – use your legal registered address)

Use of this licence entails a customs declaration, using code 9042 and licence number GBSAN0002.

Instruct your logistics/clearing company to import under that licence.

We would suggest:

Statement from Exporter: On invoice or attached.

“This shipment is made USING GB Licence number GBSAN0002.

In compliance with UK 855/2019, The Russia (Sanctions) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019.

These diamonds were outside of the Russian Federation as of 1st March 2024.”



When exporting – please ask the logistics company to supply you with the relevant documents that you need for the country that you are sending to.

We await further guidance on grandfathering; how we can manage our private purchases, and guidance apropos stock held previously to the most recent imposed restrictions when exporting to other G7 countries. Once there is clarity on this issue, we will update members.

We would like to thanks the team at the Department of Business and Trade for consulting us, as well as all their work and best efforts.

Your Sincerely,

David Troostwyk
London Diamond Bourse

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