London Diamond Bourse | London Diamond Bourse announce new Council of Management
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London Diamond Bourse announce new Council of Management

On May 12th the London Diamond Bourse held its first in person Annual General Meeting since 2019.  An election year, the meeting greeted four new members to the Council of Management and elected a new Vice-President, David Troostwyk.

Alan Cohen, LDB President said, ‘David has been on the Council of Management for several years now and works closely with the Young Diamantaires group, it is a natural progression for him to step into the position as Vice President.’  Stacey Aylott, LDB COO also commented, ‘it is reassuring to see several younger members of the association take an interest and be elected to positions on the committee.  The Council is more diverse than ever before, and I look forward to seeing where this new council will lead the Bourse.’

After the AGM, a reception was held for those in attendance.  Shortly after, the council reconvened to vote for the positions of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Executive Officer.

The results were as follows.

Alan Cohen*              – President

David Troostwyk*      – New Vice President

David Joffe*               -Treasurer

Trevor Sigsworth*      – Executive Officer

Kathy Chappell*

Paul Koppelman*

Jacqui Larsson*

Howard Levine*

Charles Silverton*

Tom Durrant**

James Heath**

Lewis Malka**

Rosalyn Mulrooney**

*Existing council member

** New council member

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