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Latest News

Latest News

April 2022 – British Academy of Jewellery and Lewis Malka collaborate for innovative engagement ring design and manufacturing contest, winners’ work to be exhibited at the London Diamond Bourse

As part of the Academy’s ongoing efforts to provide our students with future-facing industry experience, we are proud to announce the conclusion of our collaborative jewellery-making contest with engagement ring specialist Lewis Malka and the London Diamond Bourse.

BAJ Jewellery Design and Manufacturing Diploma students were challenged to design and make a ring inspired by the concept of cultural identity. The pieces were wax carved and cast in silver, with many featuring set stones.

Four students were awarded prizes for their innovative engagement ring designs and skilled execution of manufacturing techniques. Lewis Malka presented the awards to four students, Daniela Nanii, Inti Yeung, Kate Bell, and Thea Taylor, at a recent event and pop-up exhibition in London.

The four winners were awarded the ‘Lewis Malka Award for Engagement Ring Excellence’ and received a copy of Lewis Malka’s book ‘The Engagement Ring’. The winners will also receive one-on-one sessions with the jeweller himself at the London Diamond Bourse, where their work will also be exhibited.

“It was a pleasure to be involved in this wonderful project,” said jeweller and entrepreneur Lewis Malka. “The work the BAJ does is fabulous. There are some truly inspirational and talented people applying themselves to jewellery making at the moment.  As someone who came through as an apprentice some thirty years ago, specialising in handmade engagement rings, it was a no brainer to be involved in the Engagement Ring project. It wasn’t easy to pick the winners. There were some incredible rings, and I’m delighted to have been asked to get involved”.

“On behalf of the London Diamond Bourse, we congratulate all those that participated in this fantastic initiative, and we look forward to welcoming the winners to the LDB later on this month,” said Stacey Aylott, Chief Operating Officer at the London Diamond Bourse.

“Working with Lewis Malka and the Diamond Bourse on this amazing opportunity for our Level 4 students has been completely invaluable; real life industry experiences make such an impact on learning and understanding of what is required out there in the jewellery industry,” said BAJ’s Technical Diploma Coordinator Sally Collins. “We’re so grateful for the support from Lewis and the Diamond Bourse and hope this is the beginning of an exciting and fruitful relationship for years to come.”

About the British Academy of Jewellery 

The British Academy of Jewellery is a provider of pioneering jewellery education and training, nurturing talent and technical ability since 1999. Our broad portfolio includes a BA (Hons) in Jewellery Design & Production; diploma programmes; apprenticeships and short courses that enable professional jewellers and jewellery students to attain top-level technical skills. The BAJ’s campuses are located in the hearts of London and Birmingham, ideal locations from which to connect with the local industry.

About Lewis Malka

Having entered the industry as an apprentice ring mounter in 1991, Lewis has been in the diamond jewellery sector for over 30 years. In 2000, he started his own business and carved out a niche for himself as an engagement ring specialist. In 2016, he published a book, available on Amazon, called The Engagement Ring. He is occasionally asked for expert comment by members of the Press when appropriate.

About the London Diamond Bourse 

The London Diamond Bourse (a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses) is an exclusive institution, whose history, traditions and facilities make it unique in the UK. Our members subscribe and are bound by our historic code of conduct which includes integrity, moral obligation, the highest standards of trade and best business practice. The London Diamond Bourse is recognised by the Foreign and Commonwealth office as a Trade Organisation.

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